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日本AV From the latter half of the thirties to the forties in the 30s ... When it comes to the age of maturity as a woman, sexual adultness seems to increase for women than for men. Men have sexual abilities declining with age, but women are increasing more and more as a result of their menopause ... Two milfs who entered such age ... Nami 39 years old and Yuriko 41 years old. Please enjoy skillful technique.

30代も後半から40代…女性として円熟期を迎える年代になると、男性よりも女性の方が性的成獣度は増すそうです。男性は加齢とともに性的能力が落ちていきますが、女性は閉経迎えてもますます増していくとか…そんな年代に入った2人の熟女…なみさん39歳とゆりこさん41歳。巧みなる技をご堪能ください。 by Javfinder